Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

Project Arrow’s mission is providing the same kind of help we wish we had when we were raising – you get feedback about being fundable and learn what to do and who to talk to.

Who are the best investors for you? How to you find them and talk to them, so you won’t waste your time and theirs. Do you have a compelling pitch? What do you need to do to increase your chances to raise money?

We help you figure those things out, create a custom plan for you and provide guidance and resources throughout the process.


Who is this for?

Project Arrow works best for ambitious projects that are international from day 1 and need professional investors capable of helping with rapid growth. We help European founders understand the value of their startup when they raise a significant round – ideally they have a product that generates business and need additional capital for growing faster.

What do I get as part of the program?

Joining the community will get you access to the following:

  • a fair and professional assessment of the overall chances for your startup to get funded
  • a recommendations plan for further advancing with your fundraising
  • mentorship on your progress via periodic access to office hours
  • practice a live pitch for your startup and get feedback on how to improve
  • sit in and learn from how others pitch and get feedback
  • find and exchange ideas with peer founders
  • access to a 20k investors databases, and all the PRO features from the Nordic 9 platform

When does the program start and end?

Project Arrow is customised to each startup’s needs – a self-paced, online program, designed to specifically help you with your fundraising strategy based on your progress. Its long term value is the constant access to mentorship, the community and the resources you can tap into in real time for improving your startup.

What is the “Are you fundable or not” assessment?

When you join Project Arrow, your startup will be evaluated in a professional way for being eligible to raise capital financing from investors. Based on that, we create a custom recommendation plan for increasing your startup chances to get funded.

How much does Project Arrow cost?

€99/month or €299/year

Project Arrow is an affordable program meant to help founders and keep them accountable. Paying for it is a way for making sure you stay committed to advance fast, aligned to the same goals as us – your success is our success.

Think of it as an accelerator, without all the fluff, noise and useless generic discussions. We’re focused on providing actionable value and get you evolve as fast as possible.

Why is the program worth it?

Project Arrow provides a straightforward and fair value proposition for what you get in return. We don’t ask for equity as we’re not investors – we just deliver a service that’s worth paying for, and this will make you accountable to the work you have to put in in order to get you funded.

Getting objective, no-BS feedback about your startup is super important for understanding how investors treat you. Once you’re realistic about your business, we create options and a strategy for getting the financing for your growth. Our mentorship is designed to keep you accountable, make progress, improve your KPIs and raise money.

Can you guarantee that I raise money by joining Project Arrow?

Definitely not. We do guarantee though that we put you in the best position to win – you will be confident talking to investors and understand how the process works. The program teaches how to raise money, and guides you through dealing directly with investors. We may also provide personal introductions to investors, if we see it fit.

Anything else I should know?

If you have any questions at all, please email Dragos at dragos at nordic9 dot com.

👉 Talk to the right people. Learn the real value of your project and how investors perceive you. Get honest feedback. Improve. Raise money.

Join Project Arrow.

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