Project Arrow is a mentorship program for helping startup entrepreneurs build from zero to one and become investable.

Get clarity and honest feedback:

✅ Is my startup fundable or not?

✅ How can my startup become an investable business?

✅ How can I find investors for my startup?

✅ How can I pitch my startup idea better?

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Nobody goes to school to build a startup and raise money for it

Project Arrow is a community program mentoring startup founders throughout their journey of going from zero to one, particularly helping with their capital funding efforts.

The program is tailored to an initial professional evaluation of your project, followup on the ongoing improvements and a support community group helping you along the way with your startup objectives.

You get a professional assessment about your business and its investable potential, feedback on your progress, access to tactical advice, ask and answer questions, and exchange ideas about what’s working or not on building a startup and raising money for it.

Think of it as a professional space where you learn, improve and have discussions you won’t find anywhere + get feedback from other founders.

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