Nobody goes to school to build a startup and raise money for it.

Our mentorship program provides clarity and honest advice for building a startup from zero to one and become *investable*.

✅ Reality check: Are you fundable or not?

✅ Fundraise plan: What to do and who to talk to for raising money

✅ Resources: Investors database, cheat sheets, country/industry guides

✅ Community: Pitch practice, investors matchmaking, practical workshops

Join now and find out whether your startup is fundable or not!

How Project Arrow works

Once you join, your startup will be evaluated for eligibility to raise capital and get a specific plan for getting funded.

We follow up with weekly discussions to advise on your progress and answer all questions. We’re running periodic pitch practices and match you with suitable investors. We advise you who to talk to and how you should talk to them, backed by a comprehensive investors databases. We are available as long as you need it.

Who is Project Arrow for?

The program is for anyone at the early stages of a startup out of Europe, looking to raise capital for building an international business.

We work with founders still at the MVP level looking for their first investors all the way to more established startups raising their series A round.

Why join?

✌️ FEEDBACK – professional assessment of your startup project

You get a professional evaluation of your eligibility to raise funding from professional investors.

The report provides clear input on how investors perceive your startup as well a plan for improvement, with personalised recommendations backed by a 1:1 discussion for going through it. This will give you with a better understanding of your business case and us an opportunity to guide you through your progress.

🚀 IMPROVE – weekly office hours on how to get better

We are available – every week, you have one hour of an open Q&A community session to discuss progress and ask questions about your startups. You can pick our brain with any business question – how to find investors, how and what to sell to investors, specific tactical advice on growing your startup or you can simply use it as an opportunity to bounce ideas about your work.

📚 LEARN – it’s like a cheat sheet library for startups

Our intel is your intel – you’ll get access to a database of 20,000 investors from Europe and other curated professional information designed to help you save time and improve fast.

On top of it, you can use our Discord channel to post questions, join discussions on topics covering everything from product to marketing to hiring to strategy to GTM, and get feedback on investors or vendors.

🔆 KEEP IT REAL – talk to people who understand what you do

Your win is our win – you get personalised feedback on everything you do from people who have been there or are doing the same things as you are. You can also practice your pitch regularly – present and get feedback, as well as to learn from how others pitch and their feedback.

Please note that we occasionally organise investors matchmaking events where you can pitch investors directly.


“This is just a quick note to say THANK YOU. This is a goldmine.”

– Martin S., UK

“A sincere thank you for this work which we consider really valuable and appreciate to the fullest.”

– Magnus P.L., Sweden

“This is super helpful – just what we needed”

– Martin K., Ireland

“The feedback is a lot more detailed and personalised than I expected – and really helpful. We are heeding all the advice and are incorporating your suggestions.

– Thomas A., UK

“Very helpful, thanks for the effort.”
– Leo F., Spain

Where startup founders connect, grow and learn how to raise

Instead of:

You can:

🚫 guessing about your chances of raising money

🚫 waiting to get more experience and
startup traction

🚫 following theory from self-professed
gurus on social media

🚫 googling for answers and watching
random videos of TikTok/Youtube

✅ get a REALITY CHECK about where you are and how you can improve your odds

✅ learn NOW what you need to do next and get feedback on your progress

✅ talk DIRECTLY to people who have done it or are doing it.

✅ get PRACTICAL advice and actionable insights on what works or not FOR YOU

Join now

€99/month or €299/year

Project Arrow is a community of people around you that want to see you win. Regardless of what you’re doing, it’s almost impossible to do it alone. 

✅ Reality check: Professional assessment of your startup project

✅ Feedback: Office hours for improvement followup

✅ Resources: Investors database, cheat sheets, country startup guides

✅ Community: Pitch practice, community access, practical workshops

You can try it 100% risk free for 30 days. If you join and don’t get value from it, you can email us within the first 30 days and we send a refund no questions asked.

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Project Arrow is a Nordic 9 program.

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